PAC Tour – First Post

Well, its Tuesday 30th June, the night before I fly out to Portland, Oregon to begin the PAC Tour transcontinental bike ride which will take me across the United States from Coast to Coast- Portland, Oregon to Savannah, Georgia in a total of thirty days.

I must confess to feeling a littel nervous at the prospect as it is a huge undertaking. Having said that , I have been training hard and believe that I am well prepared both mentally and physically for the trip ahead. My concerns for the trip centre around the heat in the USA at this time of year. As I leave the UK we are just starting the first decent heatwave for about 3 years. Today has been hot (for us!) at about 28C and humid, but this is relatively cool when compared to some of the temps I am expecting during the thirty days of the ride. As I am fair skinned and unused to these temps, I will have to be very careful to keep hydrated and to avoid sunburn / sun stroke. Unfortunately I am somewhat prone to sun stroke having suffered from it on numerous previous occaisions (most notably whilst half way up Mt McKinley!)

The order of the day in the US will be plenty of sun screen and plenty of water!


3 Responses to “PAC Tour – First Post”

  1. Good luck me old mate.
    Sounds daunting and I wish you all the best for it.

  2. Phil Hunt Says:

    Go buddy go!!!
    Enjoy this experience. Who knows it may totally your path in life.
    Will check for updates and hope you stay heatlhy, fit and complete this mammoth challenge. Must admit I feel envious of you for taking on this trip and the dedication and focus it has proved you have when faced with a personal challenge.

    All the best,
    Phil and Lesley.

  3. Dave Pountney Says:

    Good Luck Russ – once you have done it you can take another 21 year rest!

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