Portland – Official Start -2 days

Today was my first full day in Portland, firstly I had to rebuild my bike. this went smoothly as it appeared to have survived transportation. When I came to put the front wheel in however, it became apparent that the dropouts had taken a knock which had closed them up thus stopping the wheel being inserted. After a significant degree of brute force, I finally managed to get the wheel in. After a decent buffet breakfast in the hotel I  set off for a shake down ride into Portland. Apparently there is a bike path all the way in from Troutdale but I never found it. Instead I ended up riding in along I-84 (Interstate) which was akin to riding along the hard shoulder of the M1!!

Eventually I made it in to downtown Portland and went to check out a few bike shops as well as having a general look around the city. Portland is a nice place, laid back atmosphere and very well set up for bike riders with bike lanes along most roads and a significant number of bike paths without traffic.

Below are a few photos from Portland city.

Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland

Children playing in the fountain

Children playing in the fountain

Bridge over the Columbia River

Bridge over the Columbia River

Portland is in the middle of a heat wave at the moment with temps up in to the mid 90’s. This is fine for kids playing in the park fountain but a bit hot for a bunch of cyclists planning on riding best part of 120 miles per day!

3 Responses to “Portland – Official Start -2 days”

  1. I’m still laughing at the thought of you riding down I-84 to get to downtown Portland. There are about 43207different ways to get downtown on bike paths or quiet roads. Good job you managed to make it into town safely.


  2. Bob Matchett Says:

    Hi Russ, Phil Hunt told me what you are up to and gave me the link. I am very impressed and very jealous. It must be a great experience. You are going to one sore a$$ when you have finished. I will be keeping up with progress from now on. Good Luck. See you when you get back. Bob

    • Climberruss Says:

      It’s sore now – and there’s still 19 days to go. Rough roads and heat – a deadly combination. Painful!!

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