Day 2 – The Dalles to Pendleton

Day 2 of PAC Tour sees us continuing along the route of the Oregon trail from the Dalles to Pendleton, a distance of 133 miles but with much less climbing than the first day at only 3700ft. Little did we know that this would turn out to be one of the fastest days riding of our lives.

Our route for today

We left the hotel and continued along I-84 which basically follows the Columbia River Basin. Once under way however, we became aware of a strong tailwind blowing right down the valley at 25-30 mph. Taking full advantage of this we were all soon barrelling along at anything from 28- 38 mph!

View back along the Columbia River basin

View back along the Columbia River basin

As the day wore on the wind never dropped and the smiles on peoples faces just got bigger!!

Long, straight, flat and FAST!!!!

Long, straight, flat and FAST!!!!

I made it into Pendleton with a ride time of 6 hrs 16 mins – far and away the fastest ride I have ever done, and thanks to a magnificent tailwind which lasted all day, probably the fastest ride I will ever do in my life. My  century came up in 4hrs 22 mins. This was everybody’s fastest ride and Lon and Susan confirmed later that it was the fastest ride in PAC Tour history as they had never had a tailwind of that strength last all day. Our average speed for the day was 23.5mph, which is pretty amazing for 133 miles!

 View on way to Pendleton

Stats for the day:-

Distance: 133miles

Climbing: 3700ft

Time: 6hrs 16mins

Temp: 80’s

Wildlife: Deer (x3, snake, racoon – all road kill)

Day 2 Map


5 Responses to “Day 2 – The Dalles to Pendleton”

  1. Sounds excellent Russ. Hope that wind backs you all the way.

    Nice pics – be wary of steel shards on these hard shoulders. Mate of mine did US Coast-to-Coast last year and said there were tyre shards from trucks – like needles.
    4-5 punctures a day in places.
    Now’t you can do…
    1 beer per puncture perhaps???

    G McC

    • Climberruss Says:

      Hi Graham,
      One visitation so far – from a steel shard! Others have not been so lucky. Record I think is now 5 in total. Not bad for 7 days.

  2. Clive Says:

    I think you have experienced reverse conditions with that kind of head wind on an ADAX or 2. Glad its all going well sounds fun.

  3. Rowan Smart Says:

    Quote: “Wildlife: Deer (x3, snake, racoon – all road kill)”

    Is the tag ‘Wildlife’ wrong when you are referring to death? Just a thought.

    Anyway, nice to see you are watching where you are going Russ!

    [Of course with a road kill skunk you’ll smell it before you see it.]

    • Climberruss Says:

      Strangely enough – it didn’t smell – but it was definately a skunk. I’ve smelt one before and they are horrendous!

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