Day 3 – Pendleton to Baker City

Day 3 of PAC tour sees us continuing our crossing of Oregon with a 100 mile ride to Baker City. Thankfully the day started off relatively cool again which made the first half of the day quite pleasant. As usual the fast guys (Doug,Ann, Dan,Brian, Lori, Lisa and Jeanine) headed off at a pace which was just too much for me. These guys really are true athletes.

The first part of the day continued along the Columbia River basin, but we soon turned inland and started climbing. The climbing went on and on until after 21 miles we had climbed 2900ft.

We crested a ridge line for a few miles and then started a long decent down the other side. As we decended, the scenery changed dramatically from the lush forest vegatation of Western Oregon to a much more arid landscape.

The view along the Coumbia River after leaving Pendleton.

The view along the Columbia River after leaving Pendleton.

The stuning scenery of the more arid Eastern Oregon.

The stunning scenery of the more arid Eastern Oregon.

Unfortunately as we decended down from the ridge Lisa Williams came off her bike in a nasty crash. It appears that she hit a big pothole at speed and was launched onto the road surface with sufficient force to shatter her helmet. There is no doubt that had she not been wearing one she may not have lived to tell the tale. This was a bit of a wake up call for someone like me who never usually wears a helmet. She was taken to a local hospital by one of the PAC Tour crew for a check up and was also found to have cracked her pelvis. A sad end to a trip that she had trained so hard for.

All members of PAC Tour and crew wish her a speedy recovery.

Later that day we crossed our first “psychological” barrier of the trip – the 45th Parellel – exactly half way between the North Pole and the Equator!

The 45th Parallel

Stats for the day:-

Distance: 100 miles

Climbing: 5600ft

Temps: High of around 92f

Wildlife: Snakes (too many – all dead, dear, skunk, raccoon – nothing of note alive!)


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