Day 5 Cardwell to Mountain Home

Today was a full day in Idaho and a relatively short one at only 100 miles. The weather today was a little cooler that recent days but still warm at around 85f. The scenery was pretty much more of the same from yesterday, lots of farmland growing all sorts of crops, onions, wheat, barley, corn, mint(?).

The  ride itself was fairly routine with nothing special to look at – just one of those days to “get it over with” on route to somewhere more interesting. We crossed and re-crossed the Snake River numerous times as we wound our way towards Mountain Home. On the outskirts there is a USAF base and as we passed I saw a pair of F15’s doing their thing in the air – shades of Top Gun !!

The highlight (lowlight) of the day came right at the end when I popped into a Walmart (the owners of ASDA) to get some beers to drink in the motel room. On operating the DIY checkout, it flagged up “operator assistance required” when I swiped the beer – understandable. What came next however beggared belief ( at least to me as an Englishman). The assistant came over and asked me for ID. I genuinely thought she was making a joke and commented accordingly. When she made it clear that it wasn’t a joke and that she did want ID I commented (sarcastically) that I was 42 years old and that it should be fairly obvious that I was of age. She then confirmed that without ID she could not serve me. I promptly put the beer and other items that I was to purchase down on he counter and told her to keep them and walked out. Not Happy. A story I heard once before but did not believe came to mind, the punchline of which was ” Sir, we do not need common sense, we’ve got rules” – nuff said!

There are no photos today – there was nothing worth taking a picture of.


Distance: 100 miles

Climbing; 2000ft

Temps: 88f


2 Responses to “Day 5 Cardwell to Mountain Home”

  1. Heck Russ – I’m amazed you didn’t turn hell & high water over to get ID to get these beers. You must be drying out (or is the beer that cr*p?).

    5 days to L-E-L. Still waiting for Enigma frame to arrive. I’ve now got every last nut, bolt & allen screw laid out ready for the fastest bike build – cutting this rather fine ! Should emulate your debut with your current frame – perhaps I deliberately won’t do a shakedown ride leaving that for Sunday a.m.

    Anyway, 1000 miles in now – you’ll be well road hardened. When I rode the long straights on the Camino de Santiago de la Compostela, I kept a “ditch-watch diary” for the best road kill / debris-of-the-day. Helps pass those km’s…

    Happy spinning,
    Graeme McC

  2. Well Russ will you never learn if they ask you for id you have to produce if you think its stupid lol does it not remind you of a previous experience in the states. If you want beer you have to follow the rules. Hope today went well and have a good rest tomorrow
    Jane x

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