Day 19 – Purcell to McAlester

Day 19 sees us continuing through Oklahoma battling through endless rollers in the heat and humidity. Another 6.30am breakfast sees us rolling out of Purcell just after 7am. Although not a long day at 111 miles, starting at this time allows us to get most of the riding out of the way before the heat really kicks in (the hottest period of the day is from 2pm until 6pm).

Morning light on a poignant sculpture in some-ones garden

Morning light on a poignant sculpture in some-ones garden

As we rode out of Purcell we passed a house with a nice steel sculpture in the garden. These types of steel sculptures are usually used to adorn the gates to ranches but this one obviously served a different purpose. I guess the family lost a son in Iraq or Afganistan.

Passing through one of the many small towns on route we spotted this painted on the wall of a store:-

Proud to be American?

Proud to be American?

The only thing missing was a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”!!

As we continue through the bible belt we saw lots of churches which all seemed to have some kind of “advertising” outside. I liked this one:-

I'm on a highway to hell!!!!

I'm on a highway to hell!!!!

As on previous days, it got hotter as the day wore on, but today was particularly hot and when we arrived at our hotel in McAlester, the thermometer on the door of the trailer told the story:-

Our hottest dat yet - 103f in the shade!

Our hottest dat yet - 103f in the shade!

At the end of every day when we arrive at the motel there are a series of things to do, just like in the morning. It goes something like this:- arrive, park bike, get beer/soda, get room key, take bag to room ,change shoes, back to bike to carry out any maintenance required followed by washing the bike down ready for the next day. Once the bike is dry (which dosen’t take long in this heat) take it back to your room. Then you can shower, chill out, go eat etc.

Today, when checking my bike over I discovered that my seat had broken. On closer inspection the rail had actually fractured. As it happens I have ordered a new seat to allow a change in case I get saddle sores on my back side. Now I will need to use it anyway. In the meantime PAC tour caries a selection of spare seats so I put one on for 3 days until mine arrives (drop shipped to a future motel).

My seat complete with broken rail.

My seat complete with broken rail.

Stats for the day:-

Distance: 112 miles (now over 2500 total!)

Climbing: 4400ft

Temp; Max 103f


2 Responses to “Day 19 – Purcell to McAlester”

  1. Phil Hunt Says:

    Hi Russ,
    That is one hell of an endurance test, (test failed), for the bike saddle!!!

    Good to hear the trip is going well.

    Phil & Lesley

  2. Bob Matchett Says:

    Hi Russ, I hope you are well and your backside is not too sore!!! Keep going, you are well on the way now. It sound like quite a trip, we will have to meet up when you get back. Regards Bob

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