Day 22 – Arkadelphia to Pine Bluff

Arkadelphia to Pine Bluff was our second full day in Arkansas. A shorter day today at only 91 miles and 2000ft of climbing.  This would be treated as a bit of a recovery ride by most people after the exertions of the Talimena Parkway. A by-product of the shorter day was a later breakfast which gave us an extra half hour in bed in the morning.

After our later breakfast we left Arkadelphia and were soon out of town into the countryside. The first way point of the day was crossing the Arkansas River – a major tributary of the Mississippi.

The Arkansas River

The Arkansas River

As we continued our route across Arkansas, we were now passing through  arable land growing mainly corn and soya beans. Due to the size of the fields, the most cost effective way of spreading fertilizer is crop dusting using planes. We got to see this in action as we passed one of the farms. The skill involved in this seat of the pants flying is superb.

Crop duster refueling and reloading before the next sortie

Crop duster refueling and reloading before the next sortie

Crop duster in action.

Crop duster in action.

As we continued through the day we crossed the Arkansas River Delta. At times the views were like primeval swamp.

Swamp-like Arkansas River Delta.

Swamp-like Arkansas River Delta.

Road closed? - are you sure??

Road closed? - are you sure??

Towards the end of the day the weather started to deteriorate somewhat and eventually it rained a little – our first rain since the start of the trip.

Stats for the day:-

Distance: 91 miles

Climbing: 2000ft

Temp: topped out in the high 80’s


2 Responses to “Day 22 – Arkadelphia to Pine Bluff”

  1. Rowan Smart Says:

    Have you seen any alligators both alive or road kill?

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