Training/ Preparation

At the start of this year I intended entering Britain’s longest Audax event – London – Edinburgh – London (1400km). This idea came to a fairly abrupt end when I found out in January that the entry list was already full. My focus then moved to Madrid – Gijon – Madrid (1200km). This is the only other 1200km event to be held in Europe this year.

I lost my job in December and, as the year dragged on and my prospects of finding another job remained slim I started thinking about PAC Tour. I had been aware of this trip for many years but with a total trip time of 5 weeks it was doubtful whether I would be allowed that much time off work if I had a job.

That particlular issue is of course not relevant at this time and so I decided to make the most of my enforced sojourn and signed up for PAC tour in April.

The training that I had been doing prior to that consisted almost entirely of Audax events. Once committed to PAC Tour however, I started to do much more riding during the week (when not looking for a job!). I also did an Audax pretty much every weekend and as the year moved on I increased the distances. By the time I leave for PAC Tour I will have done 7 x 100km , 2 x 150km, 3 x 200km, 3 x 300km, 2 x 400km and 1 x 600km events.

Audaxing is great for endurance and stamina but it does not get you used to the day in day out slog of an event like PAC Tour. To simulate this I also did seveal multiday trips where I averaged around 120 miles per day.

The accumulation of all the training means that by the time I start PAC Tour, I will have done over 5000 miles this year.


3 Responses to “Training/ Preparation”

  1. Hi
    Yes, some links:

    SBS was my main goal this year, but for some reason, I didn’t ride this Randonneé. Some information you can find here:

    Some short info:
    Start in Denmark, passing Sweden and finish i Norway.
    6 ferries. Prebooked Youth Hostel with food,sleeping and drop bag. You have to book this in advance for an extra fee (expensive), at 3 places. Othervise is up to you to find some place for food or sleeping, no support from the clubs except the prebooking.

    Same qualifications as PBP. Max 50 participates.

    In Norway is hilly, for ie 80 km/1400 height meters in last day.



  2. Hi

    another 1200 km Brevet this year was:

    Audax Clubs Nordiques organizes the 5. Super Brevet Scandinavia.

    It is a Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux a 1200 km randonnée, allure liebre, and takes place 7-10. august 2009.

    Start in Denmark, passing Sweden and finish in Norway.


    • Climberruss Says:

      Hi Olle,
      I am aware of this ride and definately want to do it in the future. Is there a website where I can find information?


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